‍‍‍Matthew Huntley

Matthew is a UK based film and television director with years of experience working in Britain and abroad.

He's made films for networks such as C4 in the UK, National Geographic, and the Discovery Channel. Additionally he has directed advertising and sponsored content films and campaigns for brands like Sony, Wallpaper Magazine, Paul Smith, AXA, Canon, HSBC, Kellogs, O2 and Toyota.

His role varies from job to job; sometimes prep, shoot and edit. His years of experience behind the camera mean he has an instinct for coverage and an eye for a shot. Matthew is adaptable and collaborative, and always looking for a way to get the most creative value from any opportunity.

‍‍‍Equality and Human Rights Commission - George The Poet

We recently worked with Matthew on a project for the Equality and Human Rights Commission. The brief was to find an imaginative way to combat the negative effects of hate crime on society, using film. With the current climate we knew this was going to be an important brief. After speaking to Matthew, he came up with a fantastic creative, starring George the Poet. We loved it instantly so when George said he was happy to come on board too, we knew we had something special.


Creative Skillset | Pick The Tick

As a well-known feature film and television director, Steve has made a name for himself with high quality and engaging productions that can grip an audience and deliver a powerful message, most recently creating ‘Durrells’ for ITV. Steve brings a very high production level to each project, guaranteeing a high value and impeccable style that suits the individual client’s message.

Having collaborated with him on several projects in the past, Silverfish and Steve have a very natural and effective work relationship that has led to great films, such as ‘This is Nursing’, a campaign film for the RCN. For future projects, Steve is interested in socially progressive subjects, with meaningful messages.

Steve Barron

We worked with Steve on an award-winning campaign which aimed to create a debate around what it’s like to be a nurse and to show the public just how much nurses contribute. The film using 100 extras, across 5 locations. The final film was beautifully realistic and the reaction of the nurses themselves were incredibly moving.

RESULT | The film gained over 1 million views online for RCN. It was widely reviewed in the media, creating over £2 million worth of free advertising and was reviewed on BBC Breakfast.

Steve directed this film as part of a campaign to promote skills and training in the UK film industry. Pick The Tick was shot at Pinewood and features Noel Clarke playing multiple versions of himself. The campaign and the films themselves were a huge success and Skillset has managed to defend investment in training for young people against a tough economic backdrop.

Result | This film was seen by millions in cinemas across the country, as well as at events to promote skills-based creative industries

Royal College of Nurses | This Is Nursing

The Durrells

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